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Listening parties or house concerts are my favorite way to bring you live music. Golden General does sliding scale house concerts where you can ask for suggested donations from attendees to cover our fee.

private listening parties are a ways to enjoy music and lyrics in a more intimate setting.

Birthdays, Solstice Parties, Pot lucks…

Make an event more special.

Golden General playing an outdoor house concert

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Golden General at Tumbleroot with Sunbender

October 2019

We so enjoyed playing at Tumbleroot in Santa Fe with the full band (Gregory Lee, Billy Vigil and Tony Bolleter joined Golden General (Talia Kosh). A great stage with lots of friends in attendance. Tumbleroot has some great specialty gin drinks, too, with sprigs of herbs and shrubbery.

What an enjoyable night of original tunes from two locally-based bands.

It was the debut of Golden General’s new song, “The Magician” played with full band. 

Here are the lyrics to THE MAGICIAN

You wrap your stories around me

Fly through the air, like your the King of the Sea.

Rearrange my hair, and talk in poetry. Are you real, I say.


I float away, down the ink of your skin. I hope you stay

Spellbind me in.

Wrap me in your cape of many moons. Your my magician.

Verse II:

You ask me to steal you. In the light of day, pull me closer to you.

So I don’t float away. Pulling red polish and string from your magical wings,

You’re nothing like the King of things. 


And your magic is real, without any tricks and potions. 

I’ve had enough tricks and potions.

Golden General Plays Vanessie The Phoenix

July 2019-August 2018

Golden General has had the honor playing Vanessie. First half of the evening will be original tunes with guest Gregory Lee. The second half will be curated covers for your listing pleasure with the wonderful James Westbay.


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